Pop-Rock Album by Hervé Senni


From Nice, France, he is called Hervé Senni. A complete guitar “freak” who just came out with a soul-piercing Pop Rock and Folk Rock music album – Lifestyle. An album that gave me goose bumps the very first time I listened to it. I was listening to it right from my laptop, streaming it online on Deezer, with a headphone glued to my hear.

The first song I clicked on, “Man Bomb” just because of the riveting track name. Just 10 seconds into the track I find myself holding my headphone and pressing it harder into my ear as if I didn’t want any of the sounds to escape. The blasting effect, I loved. Especially the well fine tuned and tweaked guitar effect. I wish I could figure out the exact settings.

A friend recommended this new album (Lifestyle) to me when I told him that I needed background pop rock music on my video project. But I ended up listening to the album over and over again. I later learned that he (Hervé Senni) started studying music when he was 13 years old. He, besides the lead guitar, also plays the bass guitar and also writes music as a composer and an arranger.

Haunting, Ethereal Pop Ambient – Pop Rock Album “Lifestyle”

He has played with most of the jazz musicians from Montréal in many different groups, and he also formed his own band to play his own music. He and his band performed at the Montréal Jazz Festival and at most of the local jazz clubs under different lineups and names during the 80’s.

With his 2017 Pop Rock and Folk Rock album, Lifestyle, and music such as “Half Time Rock,” ” Canon,” and ” Lifestyle,” I would argue it that Hervé Senni has never been more successful in his career than now.

The perfect synchrony of the beats, the kick, snare, guitar effect, the bass rhythm, and progression are extremely charging and elevating at the same time and also accentuate the “sugar-rush” sound, even if you’re on your longest face at the moment the music is played, you’d lighten up unconsciously.

I also give super-thumb ups to the darn well thought out skills displayed on the tracks like “Americana,” “Jukebox,” “Country Sweet,” “Wolf Shuffle,” and “Atmosphere.” Obviously, a lot was put into this album. And for sure, sleepless night. And I think it worth every bit, riffs, runs, and chords played on this album.

Hervé Senni, I believe should work even hard for his ever-growing raving fanbase like me, and I see Lifestyle flying up high for more success this year.

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